Health4/Clinical Integration

What is Health4?

Health4 is our Clinically Integrated program. Health4 will ensure continuity of care in all settings by integrating a network comprised of approximately 1,600 MGO physicians and the OhioHealth facilities. Health4 will enhance MGO physicians’ ability to provide the highest quality of care to their patients by providing them with accurate and timely clinical information.

Negotiating with payers is necessary to implement the Health4 program. Currently, Health4 has clinically integrated contracts which include enhanced fee schedules, “Pay for Quality” programs and gain share opportunities with Medical Mutual of Ohio (MMO) and Aetna.

Quality is at the Core; and is Measurable

As health care evolves – it is becoming increasingly clear that providing proven value and delivering quality health care will be expected, as well as rewarded, and increasingly
necessary for the ongoing success of physicians.

We are utilizing
a physician support tool to effectively share meaningful data/information, actionable patient reports, and standardized quality metrics and guidelines. This state of the art tool is provided to all Health4 physicians.

Health4 has a proven track record of success and is the leading value delivery network in the Central Ohio health care market.

Frequently Asked Questions

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