OhioHealth Group: Your Partner in Healthcare Services

In today’s healthcare climate, it is more important than ever to have a trusted partner in bringing healthcare benefits solutions to employers and their employees. OhioHealth Group is the trusted benefits partner you need.

OhioHealth Group offers all the services you expect from an experienced health benefits partner – cost competitiveness and a large network of physicians, hospitals, ancillary providers and pharmacies. In addition, we provide the personal service, loyalty and values of a local provider-owned network. 

As your one-stop vendor for provider networks, pharmacy benefit management and health management, OhioHealth Group offers an easy working relationship and a single point of contact for you.

Superior products that meet your needs

Provider Networks

Our PPO is a provider-owned network of 75 hospitals, more than 6,900 physicians in 10,000+ locations, and nearly 800 ancillary providers. The same network is also available as a PPO wrap product.

Health Management

We offer a full array of medical management services.

Experience you can rely on

You can trust the experience of OhioHealth Group. We have been in business for more than 20 years, and are owned by many of the physicians and hospitals in our network. We have worked with more than 25 different third-party administrators (TPAs) to serve their clients’ employees in Ohio.

A trusted partner

OhioHealth Group is your trusted partner in providing healthcare benefit solutions to employees in central Ohio. We don’t pay claims or administer self-insured clients, so there’s no conflict of interest or potential for competition with third-party administrators (TPAs). We understand your need for superior service, competitive pricing and a commitment to quality. Because we’re owned by local providers, we are driven by a healthcare mission that benefits employers and their employees.


Important News

  • PPO - HealthReach OhioHealth Group is proud to offer our members the HealthReach PPO network. HealthReach isn’t owned and run by some impersonal insurance company headquartered in some distant location. Rather, our owners are also participating providers in the HealthReach network. They are the doctors and hospitals that you trust.
  • RX - SignatureScripts Our name spells out our mission. Our SignatureScripts™ professionals understand each member and SignatureScripts client has specific needs. SignatureScripts offers what you should expect from your pharmacy benefits manager.
  • Rx FAQ Frequently Asked Member Questions

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