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The HealthReach network from OhioHealth Group offers all the advantages you expect from an experienced benefits partner – cost competitiveness and a comprehensive list of physicians, hospitals, and ancillary providers. In addition, we provide the personal service, loyalty and values of a local provider-owned network. We understand your need for superior service and local account management. 

Our network products meet your clients’ needs. HealthReach is a comprehensive provider-owned network offering central Ohio’s leading hospitals, physicians and ancillary providers. HealthReach is available as both a primary network and as a wrap.

Our comprehensive network includes:

  • More than 6,900 physicians (PCPs and specialists)
  • More than 10,000 physician locations
  • 75 hospitals
  • Nearly 800 ancillary providers
  • Serving 55 Ohio counties 

Advantages of our provider ownership
Provider ownership makes our networks the ones to choose. Here’s why:

  • Highly competitive discounts, negotiated locally.
  • A stable, loyal network, with a high retention rate for providers.
  • Credentialing in accordance with NCQA accreditation standards, with a strong familiarity of our local physicians and hospitals.
  • Clinical integration, bringing a strong record of clinical quality and local stewardship to safeguard our members’ health.
HealthReach Service Area
HealthReach Service Area - Click to see full size with county names

Competitive, transparent pricing
We meet your clients’ needs for predictable, low-cost solutions – with no hidden fees.

  • $4.00 per employee per month for the primary network
  • $2.00 per employee per month for the wrap network

The HealthReach PPO provides health care services to OhioHealth Group customers through a carefully selected network of doctors, hospitals and other providers. As HealthReach providers, these medical professionals have contracted with us to provide cost-effective, high-quality health care. Established in 1985, HealthReach has more than 74 hospitals and 6,000 physicians. HealthReach provides benefits to more than 100,000 covered lives.

The quality of our product and the service we provide our customers can be measured by the clients who stay with us. HealthReach has an excellent retention rate – many of our first clients, some dating back to 1985, are still with us.

HealthReach benefits include:

  • Extensive Network
  • Provider submits claim forms
  • Members who use network providers will not be balance billed
  • Thorough credentialing services
  • Toll-free customer service
  • Logo on ID card alerts provider offices to accept the negotiated rate
  • Easy access to online provider information
  • Can be bundled with utilization and pharmacy management


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