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OhioHealth Group respects the privacy of its customers, employees, and potential clients. We have developed the following set of information guidelines that form the basis of our relationships with customers, employees, and potential employees. This Privacy Statement describes how OhioHealth Group treats customer, employee, and potential client information. 

Commitment to Privacy
We are sensitive to protecting the private information that our customers, employees, and potential clients provide to us. We also want our customers to have the opportunity to obtain useful information, products and services. The loyalty of our customers is very important to us, and we trust that this policy will underscore our commitment to making sure their experience with us is positive.

Customer, Employee, and Potential Client Information
We limit the collection of personal information to fulfill any legal and/or regulatory requirements, to what is required to administer accounts, to provide customer service, to offer products and services, and to administer employment information and opportunities.

Commitment to Data Security
We use information security safeguards and techniques to protect our customer, employee, and employee applicant data. Access to this data is limited to those who specifically need it to conduct their business responsibilities.

Changes to the Privacy Statement
This Privacy Statement is subject to change without notice, and changes will be posted to this site accordingly. Our Privacy Statement applies to personal information only and not to aggregate and/or generic information that does not identify the individual.

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